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Who Will "The Machine" Elect This November?

Gold last traded at $1,323 an ounce. Silver at $19.12 an ounce.

NEWS SUMMARY: Precious metal prices traded slightly lower Wednesday on a firmer dollar amid Fed uncertainty. U.S. stocks zig-zagged higher after Fed Chair Yellen's testimony again failed to inspire investor confidence.

Why Gold Is Up 26% Year-To-Date -HedgeEye (2-min. video)
"According to Gallop {sic} polls, there has been a 14-year slide in confidence that the 'Fed leader will do the right thing for the economy?' Shocker, we know... Fed head Janet Yellen did little to inspire confidence at yesterday's FOMC press conference with statements like this: 'Asset values aren't out of line with historical norms.' 'The Fed wants the expansion to last as long as possible.' 'There is little risk to falling behind the curve in the near future so the FOMC can be gradual in its rate hikes.' What Does the Fed's Confidence Crisis have to do with Gold? As Hedgeye CEO Keith McCullough points out in the video below, 'Gold loves the blowup of the central planning belief system.'"

PBmmm Who Will "The Machine" Elect This November? -Independent Living
"A growing number of U.S. citizens feel something has gone terribly wrong with our political and economic system. While the masses cling to a misplaced hope in big political changes this November, more informed citizens understand there are powerful forces behind the scenes still driving for more control over our lives - regardless of who is elected president. This unseen hand is sometimes referred to as 'The Machine.' According to MONEY, MORALITY & THE MACHINE, a new book by economist Craig R. Smith and futurist Lowell Ponte, this powerful Financial-Military-Industrial 'Machine' transcends all political parties and first took root in America over a century ago, but launched into warp speed after WWII. As a result; America is becoming the kind of high-tax, low-liberty, Big Government land our ancestors fled. Welfare policies intended to produce security are now making us frighteningly insecure." WATCH Pat Boone Explain 'The Machine' - FREE REPORT

Hillary 'The Machine' is programmed to take down The Donald -Washington Times
"Not since Garry Kasparov faced off against Deep Blue has a contest between man and machine been so hotly anticipated....Proving it is not beholden to billionaires, The Clinton Machine will have billionaire Mark Cuban sitting on the front row to cheer on The Machine....This latest version of The Clinton Machine, known among her creators as C2016, has been in the works for - literally - decades. Engineers have done extensive analysis and tinkering to work out the kinks of C2000 and especially C2008. This one is, they promise, the best and most evolved machine yet....The Machine said it wanted to take a hammer to 'the glass ceiling.' But The Machine's foot soldiers had another idea for that hammer."

Fed on ropes as Yellen seeks to fend off Trump blows -Financial Times
"After a fusillade of excoriating and in many ways unprecedented attacks on the Federal Reserve by the Republican presidential candidate, Janet Yellen, the US central bank's chair, finally hit back. Ms Yellen last Wednesday dismissed as emphatically wrong Donald Trump's claims that she and her institution were keeping short-term interest rates low at the behest of the Obama administration. 'Partisan politics play no role in our decisions,' she declared. Mr Trump is throwing punches at a time when the US central bank is under assault from both sides of the partisan divide, and at a time when polling suggests public confidence in its leadership has declined during a subpar economic recovery."

The Fed is indeed on the ropes after years of bad policy decisions resulting in the loss of public trust and confidence - the only legs on which bankers stand. We predicted this Fed policy would not end well in our FREE 2014 report, The Biggest Bank Heist in History.

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