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Six Big Golden Trends Of 2017

Gold last traded at $1,204 an ounce. Silver at $17.09 an ounce.

NEWS SUMMARY: Precious metal prices steadied near 8-week highs Wednesday on a slight dollar rebound. U.S. stocks traded mixed ahead of Fedspeak amid growing political uncertainty.

Gold jumps to 8-week high on nervousness over Brexit, Trump -Marketwatch
"Gold prices jumped to their highest levels since mid-November on Tuesday as nervousness surrounding Britain's push to exit from the European Union's single market and U.S. President-elect Donald Trump's inauguration this week fed haven demand for the precious metal. Gold for February delivery rose $17.20, or 1.4%, to $1,213.40 an ounce after trading as high as $1,218.90. A settlement around these levels would be the highest since mid-November, according to FactSet data. 'Uncertainty on the Trump transition continues to unsettle markets,' said Peter Hug, global trading director at Kitco Metals. 'President-elect Trump has over the past two days angered China on his Taiwan comments, disparaged NATO and insulted Germany’s Angela Merkel.'"

Physical gold is the world's safest haven and best form of 'wealth insurance.' Swiss America's 2017 Gold Report - Early Edition is an in-depth assessment of the dramatic political and economic events that will impact our financial security in the New Year.

gold coin Dollar retreats on Trump’s concern over strength -Financial Times
"The dollar retreated from the high it struck at the start of the year after Donald Trump signaled his preference for a weaker currency by warning that the greenback was 'too strong' for US companies to compete with their Chinese counterparts....Economists and currency analysts have speculated about the risks a robust US currency, which is trading at a 14-year high against a basket of its peers, poses to the president-elect's growth strategy, and predicted that the incoming administration in Washington would soon start talking down the dollar. The first inklings of that tactic emerged in an interview Mr Trump gave to the Wall Street Journal late on Monday in which he said: 'Our companies can't compete with them [Chinese companies] now because our currency is too strong. And it's killing us.'....The dollar index has fallen 3 per cent since its January 3 high."

The gold market in 2017 -World Gold Council
"In 2016, investors around the world returned in large numbers to the gold market, as a combination of macroeconomic drivers and pent up demand kept interest in gold high. As we start the new year, there are some concerns that US dollar strength may limit gold's appeal....Using the economic perspective from our guest economists as a backdrop, we believe that there are six major trends in the global economy that will support gold demand and influence its performance this year: 1. Heightened political and geopolitical risks. 2. Currency depreciation. 3. Rising inflation expectations. 4. Inflated stock market valuations. 5. Long-term Asian growth. 6. Opening of new markets. World Gold Council's 2017 Outlook

For the First Time, Lady Liberty Depicted as a Woman of Color on U.S. Currency -NBC News
"For the first time in American history, Lady Liberty will be portrayed as a woman of color on United States currency. In celebration of the U.S. Mint and Treasury's 225th anniversary, the new $100 coin was unveiled on Thursday featuring Lady Liberty as a black woman. Since the passage of the Coinage Act in 1792, all coins are required to feature an 'impression emblematic of liberty,' in either words or images. The new 24-karat gold coin, which is set to be released in April and is meant primarily for collectors, is one of a series of new, diverse commemorative coins the Mint will unveil in the coming years."

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