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Inflation: On Verge of a Surge

Gold last traded at $1,249 an ounce. Silver at $17.57 an ounce.

NEWS SUMMARY: Precious metal prices rose Wednesday amid geopolitical uncertainty and dollar weakness. U.S. stocks traded mixed as investors digested upbeat tech news and downbeat retail news on Sears bankruptcy fears.

A New California Gold Rush? -PontificationBlog
"California's 2017 record rains nearly washed away the state's tallest dam, threatening 200,000 people downstream near this place that 163 years ago was named Oroville. 'Oro' is Spanish for gold. Prospectors rushed here from all over the world following news of the 1849 huge gold strike in northern California, soon to become America's Golden State. This year's heavy rains ended the state's long drought, and they also opened millions of veins of gold that the '49ers never found....What seems surprising is that so few have grabbed this opportunity. The California Gold Rush symbolized the spirit and energy that caused exceptional people to move to America, and then to move west to pan for gold and settle the frontier. Are we losing that adventurous, hopeful spirit?" Full story

inflation solution Don’t look now, but inflation may be about to surge -CNBC
"All signs point to rising inflation, but investors aren't properly pricing that into their decision making, according to one portfolio manager. Inflation expectations are relatively low, economic data show, 'which is just silly,' Charles Bobrinskoy, head of investment group at Chicago-based Ariel Investments said, Monday on CNBC's 'Trading Nation.'....Looking forward, Bobrinskoy points to some key factors that could push inflation higher, including a strengthening economy and the Federal Reserve raising interest rates. What's more is 'there's a lot of cash, a lot of lending going on around the world ... labor costs are going up,' and thus inflation is ticking higher....Rising inflation translates to a weaker currency. Said Bobrinskoy: 'We have the first president who's ever tried to talk down the value of the U.S. dollar; that's never happened before. And the dollar going down is what inflation is all about.'"

The Road Back To Making America Great Again Has A Major Pitfall. Learn How To Avoid It. Read THE INFLATION SOLUTION, Swiss America's newest special report. "President Donald Trump is re-igniting America's mighty rocket engine of free market capitalism. His urgent goal is to get people working and the economy growing again, even if this includes increasing government spending. But solving such problems with a flood of mostly-free market money will likely trigger another problem: inflation. President Trump faces millions of Progressives fighting to keep the system of economics and dependence on government that they have devised to politically dominate the United States." What will this political battle do to your wealth and the value of the U.S. dollar? Find out HERE

The Only Way to Stop Indians Buying Gold? Take Away Their Cash -Bloomberg
"It seems the only way to stop Indians from buying more gold is to take their money away. Prime Minister Narendra Modi's government spent 16 months trying to persuade Indians to deposit their jewelry in the bank to earn interest, in an effort to curb soaring imports of the precious metal. But the program has only lured a tiny fraction of the $900 billion of gold that families and temples are estimated to have stashed away. On the other hand, Modi's controversial decision to withdraw all high-value banknotes did the job instead. Coupled with a higher import tax, the abolition of 86 percent of the nation's banknotes in an anti-corruption drive helped push gold imports down 39 percent last year to 558 metric tons....'We Indians don't like to sell our gold,' said Samsher Aliyar, a 29-year-old Mumbai cab driver. 'My grandmother's generation and even my parents aren't going to deposit their gold with the banks as they consider it a part of their children's inheritance.'....The damping effect of Modi's banknote withdrawal may not hold back the tide of gold imports for long and the banks will need to improve the deposit system if it’s to have a meaningful effect."

The Secret War on Cash explains how India's decree imposing currency controls plunged the nation's 1.3 billion people into chaos and why India's "demonetisation" was a large-scale test of what globalist Progressives call the "cashless society" - their ideological vision of the human future. Get the full story in Swiss America's FREE 12-page 2017 White Paper: The Secret War on Cash.

Donald Trump Owns the Fed, the Dollar & Gold -Rickards/Daily Reckoning "Donald Trump has the opportunity to appoint a higher percentage of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve system at one time than any President since Woodrow Wilson....In other words, Donald Trump will be able to shape the Fed's majority. His influence goes further than that, however. Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen's term is up in next January - just 9 months from now. Whoever President Trump appoints to replace her - the fourth appointment he'll have - will be subject to Senate confirmation. Because that process takes time, that means the President will have to name Yellen's successor around November or December....And if all goes accordingly, President Trump will have control of six or even seven seats on the Federal Reserve Board by the summer of 2018. Trump will own the Fed. Meaning, whatever the president wants monetary policy to be, he'll get....Right now, in March 2017, my expectation is that Kevin Warsh will be the next chairman. He'll have a big voice in filling the other vacant seats. These will be hard money, strong dollar people."

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