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Crisis of a Lifetime Coming

Gold last traded at $1,283 an ounce. Silver at $16.99 an ounce.

NEWS SUMMARY: Precious metal prices steadied Wednesday on a flat dollar and Fed uncertainty. U.S. stocks rallied after IBM reported better-than-expected quarterly results.

Five things to do when every investment is too expensive -Marketwatch
"This week's cover story in The Economist, 'The bull market in everything,' summed up the state of global markets pretty well. OK, so after eight and a half years of a bull market, what do you do now? Here are five ideas: 1. Stay in stocks, but keep a sharp eye on your allocation. 2. Move away from overheated sectors like the FAANG stocks toward unloved areas. 3. Don't bet on bonds. Unless there's a recession or a huge international crisis. 4. Cash is a growth opportunity...start taking profits in stocks and begin building up a cash position. 5. Own some gold. For years, I've been negative on gold...but gold has made some impressive gains...With cataclysmic risk even remotely on the horizon, buying insurance by putting 5% of your money in gold is the least you can do."

AMTV Biggest Crisis of a Lifetime Coming... -Green/AMTV
What if you had the power to predict the next economic crisis? What if you knew when the next Great Recession, Great Depression, or Black Swan event was going to happen? Would that change the way you protect your savings? In this new AMTV video produced by Christopher Green, he explores the recurring patterns in the economy, society, and nature to foresee what soon could be coming. Ominously, many economists are giving the same dire warning - that within the next 1-2 years a convergence of negative patterns will hit us all at once. Chris offers viewers a free copy of Swiss America's Crisis Timeline Special Report.

This is how bull markets end, Bank of America strategist says -CNBC
"As investors get more confident about the latest leg of the stock market rally, one Wall Street strategist is growing more concerned. 'This is kind of how bull markets end,' Savita Subramanian, equity and quant strategist at Bank of America Merrill Lynch, told CNBC during an interview Tuesday. 'What we're in right now is this sort of euphoria around stocks that's been missing for this entire bull market.' Indeed, the run that began in March 2009 often has been declared 'the most hated bull market in history,' due largely to the lack of investor participation....'There has been no reward for earnings beats, which is a little bit weird,' Subramanian said. 'The bar's getting higher. Investors are expecting good news. When they got good news, it's already in the stocks.'....Bulls in the latest Investors Intelligence survey are up to 60.4 percent, which editor John Gray considers the 'danger zone.' Moreover, he said current patterns are starting to look a lot like 1987 as the market nears the 30th anniversary of Black Monday."

How To Make The Dollar - Once Again - The Source Of Great American Prosperity -Forbes/Forbes
"HERE'S A BOOK for the ages. With Gold: The Final Standard - and his two previous volumes- Nathan Lewis has established himself as one of history's most formidable and correct-thinking economic writers, joining the ranks of Friedrich von Hayek, Ludwig von Mises, Henry Hazlitt and a handful of others....The key to unlocking a great boom (along with a low-tax regime) is stable currencies. Without sound money we will be hurt by more dangerous and unnecessary crises a la 2008-2009 and subsequent limp recoveries....Unstable currencies are like viruses in your computer - they corrupt those 'bits' of information. Destructive bubbles result, such as the housing frenzy preceding the 2008-2009 crisis...The misinformation conveyed by prices resulted in hundreds of billions of dollars being misinvested, particularly in the building of houses....Just as we use a scale to measure something's weight, we use money to measure the value of products and services. If the measuring rod itself becomes unstable, the smooth functioning of an economy is disrupted, just as our lives would be if the number of minutes in an hour constantly fluctuated. What's the best way to achieve a stable currency? By linking the currency to has maintained its intrinsic monetary value better than anything else for 5,000 years....Policymakers here and everywhere still adhere to the fallacy that central banks can give us lasting prosperity. A read of this book would cure them of that fakery forever."

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